Crony capitalism goes into overdrive as Trump resurrects pipelines


Oil giant Bechtel lays a pipeline in Idaho.

Capitalists don’t come any cronier than America’s new president. The latest example, however, is particularly egregious, destructive, and obvious. Reversing some of the most hard-fought gains of environmental activists in the last several years, Donald Trump issued an executive order to push the Keystone and Dakota Access Pipelines forward. Continue reading

Texas voter ID requirement is a law demanding to be broken

Many voters in Texas will be greeted with signs like this.

Many voters in Texas will be greeted with signs like this.

On November 4, millions of Americans will take to the polls for midterm elections. They will not be joined by hundreds of thousands of voters who have been disenfranchised by restrictive polling requirements. Many states have introduced legislation that makes voting more difficult for poor and minority citizens, but in Texas the situation is perhaps most restrictive, most corrupt and most dire. Continue reading

Perry’s indictment brings out the cozy relationship between politicians and the media

There aren’t enough bad things to say about Texas Governor Rick Perry. One could go on and on about the character he plays alone – the hip, intellectual modern Texan. He wants to represent himself as the man responsible for the state’s enormous GDP and as a serious political thinker, but not only is he far from interesting as an intellect, he’s one of the most brazenly corrupt leaders in America’s already brazenly corrupt political system. Continue reading